More detailed feature set with very many images can be seen in the online Help/User manual - Highly recommended to have a look!


  Joseki- Tesuji- & Shape Expert / no-wait pattern search

The pattern expert system suggests pro-level moves mostly at the Fuseki and Joseki stages of the game. Except when it gets too "tactical", Moyo Go's pattern recognition system often suggests impressively creative moves. It achieves 42% correct pro-prediction on contemporary games played by professional Go players. It does not replace a tactical search however, so MoyoGo will get a separate TsumeGo module. The pattern system helps you judge moves, giving you examples of those moves from the games in the databases. Pattern names "ikken-tobi" etc. are displayed.

Microsoft dedicated three scientists in their Cambridge research lab to try to build a similar pattern system as Moyo Go has. They are still working on it.



  Fuseki Expert

MoyoGo has a separate Fuseki module, with Fuseki statistics up to move #40. All Fuseki up to move 40 of all games in all databases is included.

Instantly see the popularity of certain variations, the rank- & date ranges and winning percentages.

Fuseki for which there is a commonly known name will have it displayed in the Fuseki variation list.



  "Kombilo"-style Pattern search

MoyoGo can search for any pattern in the game databases.

Browse through the found positions and see detailed statistics on variations.

You can match any position or pattern anywhere along the edge or in the center of the board (like with Kombilo). You can explore professional responses to crosscuts, invasions or monkey jumps, or learn how to handle a particular pattern from your own game.



  GNU Go Client

You can play against GNU Go or any other program that supports the GTP protocol, and enjoy MoyoGo's skinnable 3D goban, digital byo-yomi clocks, stereo sound and ultra-realistic human hand cursor.

Sound artist Blake Haber has studio-recorded a dozen slate & shell Go stone sounds and they are in stereo: When a stone is played on the right side, the sound comes from there, and vice-versa.



  SGF Editor

The SGF Editor supports all major SGF properties and even images and Unicode. Now you can add a picture of your favorite player to the game record!

Rubberbanding is used to annotate areas and the editor supports Rich Text and Unicode.

The variation tree has innovative features to present the information as clearly as possible. And of course multiple undo/redo functionality is provided.

You can also record audio commentary as part of the SGF game record.



  Database System

Most popular game formats can be read into SQL / pattern databases, where they are cleverly indexed so that those systems can work with instant speed. Game providers are, amongst others: Francis Chabot (up-to-date KGS games, Neil McLean (Tygem) and Ning Mace Lee ('s pro games).
Honorable mention to for their entire pro collection (24,000 games)

A wizard is provided to add games and do database maintenance.

Dockable, skinnable, configurable windows with sliders, toolbars and splitters take care of the job of presenting all that data. Grid columns can be moved, resized and clicking on them sorts the data.

Other, totally unique features:

Audio commentary     Sound recording in 100% ordinary SGF using an open format.
Pro player Fernando Aguilar has made a sample audio lesson SGF file here.
Alias substitution   Maps the KGS/IGS alias list to real pro/ama names.
One-click Sensei-Search   Click a word or selected text in the Comments and an automatic title search is done on Sensei's Library. If it returns empty, an automatic full-text search is done. Pattern names can also be auto-searched.
Human hand cursor   A real human hand to play against GNU Go.
3D board, stereo sound   The direction of stone sound corresponds to where they are placed.
Drag & drop board skins   You can drop an image from a browser to use it as a board skin.
No-wait pattern expert   So revolutionary that Microsoft dedicated three researchers to copy it.
Multithreaded   "Free" pattern search is multi-threaded for superspeed on modern PC's.
SQL database   Possible to submit real SQL queries. With editable SQL query history.
Window docking   Multiple boards in any position: Tabbed, free floating or custom-docked.
Export to Wiki format   Export position selections to Sensei's Library and format.
Automatic Translation   Automatically translates players' names from Chinese to English.