Database Import Wizard   A Fuseki, Joseki and Tesuji information system needs to be fed SGF, MGT, UGI, UGF, NGF or GIB files and the Database wizard takes care of the details.

Due to the enormous amount of data-extraction, classification and pre-sorting required for the ultrafast (Joseki etc.) pattern recognition system and separate Fuseki module, importing games can take up to ten minutes for the weekly emailed pro games.

MoyoGo uses multi-core CPU's to their full advantage, so the import process is faster on modern machines.

Once imported, complex SQL-based queries can be done and a list of games will result.

Double-click a game to load it. Ctrl + Z restores the previous position. 
Relational SQL databases   The database system is relational, meaning you can use patterns in your own game to find similar moves in other games, and jump from game to game across the various databases.

There is a separate pattern-description database, where any of the 17 million patterns can be given a name.

Separate from those 17 million patterns (which include Joseki, popular Fuseki and million of "common" and "urgent" patterns) is a dedicated Fuseki database up to move #40.

Unique detail: The database is clever enough to look up missing rank for already known players, substitute the real player's name for IGS aliases and substitute "latinized" (transliterated to Western alphabet) names for thousands of Japanese, Korean and Chinese players' names.

Search history

Search history is preserved and even the auto-generated SQL can be edited!